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Exclusive Halcyon Gel Memory Mattresses Hybrid Memory & Latex Bedding
At we have developed mattresses specifically engineered to work with adjustable beds.
Gel Ease - Gel Memory: We have our all foam line that is made with 100% US made foams and gel infused memory foams.
Hybrid Memory: We have engineered a hybrid line that is a combination of pocketed coil springs and gel memory foam.

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Our mattresses are made to order. We do not stock excess inventory which reduces our overhead.
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When you are in the market to buy a new mattress, you have plenty of choices. From the traditional coil spring mattress to the latest in memory foam technology, buying a mattress has become a personalized endeavor. You should buy the mattress that is the best for your body and your sleep needs. But, how do you know what is the best for you? Below is a handy guide to the different types.
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Mattresses 101: Traditional vs. Memory Foam

Traditional Mattresses (Coils, Innersprings, Pillowtops)

This type of mattress has been available for sleepers since the 1800s. They have remained the top selling type of mattress since they were first manufactured. But, this does not mean they are the most comfortable type of mattresses. The typical innerspring mattress has several layers, the box spring base layer, the mattress springs layers, and padding. Mattresses come with coils that are interconnected or with individually pocketed springs. The quality of the mattress is often decided by the number of springs and the gauge of the wire used. In order to make the bed more comfortable (so sleepers do not realize they are laying on spring coils), manufacturers will use several layers of padding made of cotton, foam, memory foam, latex, or other materials.

Memory Foam

This type of mattress was introduced to the public in the 1990s and was first invented by NASA engineers who wanted a material that would absorb G-forces. The result of their work was a visco elastic foam, but the material that is used today in mattresses has undergone some changes. This end result is what we now know as memory foam, which earned its name because it fits the shape of the sleeper then returns to its original shape. This mattress style is a favorite because sleepers do not have to worry about pressure points at the hips and shoulders because the foam evenly distributes weight.

When you buy a memory foam mattress, you do need to investigate how much memory foam is actually being used. Some manufacturers only use a few inches of memory foam and then a dense foam that keeps the sleep from sinking to the base of the mattress. Dense foam can be uncomfortably warm to sleep on, so manufacturers will add air channels for circulation. If a bed has coils and then is topped with memory foam, it is not a real memory foam mattress.

Memory foam beds have different densities and types. The standard memory foam mattress will have traditional memory foam that is temperature sensitive and is slow to respond. Plant-based or vegan mattresses have natural oils in them so they are quicker to respond and they have even more air circulation. Gel-infused mattresses have both gel and memory foam, which makes them even cooler to sleep on.

Men and women who own memory foam mattresses are happier with their choice than the people who own traditional mattresses. They like memory foam mattresses because they offer better back support, so aches and pains are lessened. They also like the mattresses because they do not notice when their partners are moving in the bed.

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