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Adjustable Bed (Base / Foundation) Reviews, Ratings & Comparisons

At we proudly offer Leggett & Platt, Ergo Motion and Reverie adjustable beds. These brands all offer amazing value. This information article provides at a glance comparisons between the various models based on research and feedback from customers.
What You Need To Know
High owner satisfaction ° health, comfort and convenience benefits ° low maintenance.
Adjustable bed bases are foundations that can raise a person's lower and / or upper body as well as provide massage. Two-piece split adjustable bed bases allow each person to control their own half of the bed.

This page rates only adjustable bed bases / foundations – not adjustable beds as a whole, meaning not the mattress. For mattress ratings, see mattress reviews. The adjustable bed ratings below are based on 270+ consumer reviews of various bases from several manufacturers. The data was collected using an unbiased, accurate methodology.

Adjustable Bed Base Ratings

Below, adjustable bed bases / foundations overall are rated against conventional / non-adjustable bed bases and foundations. Ratings are based on actual owner experiences gathered using an unbiased, accurate methodology.

Adjustable Bed Base Models: Comparison

Below is a comparison of many leading adjustable bed bases / foundations. Mattresses that can be used on an adjustable bed base are compatible with the models below. Check with your adjustable bed retailer to ensure that your mattress is indeed compatible.

Model Comparison: Low-End vs Middle vs High-End

Adjustable bed bases are often available in low-end models ($750-$1,800), mid-range models ($950-$2,500) and high-end models ($1,500-$4,500+). The comparisons below discuss some of their more important similarities and differences.
Owner Satisfaction
Owner satisfaction is statistically similar for the different grades of models.


Warranty coverage is often the same or similar regardless of the model. In other words, despite their premium price, high-end models usually have warranties like those of lesser models.
Low-end 20 years / 1-year full coverage followed by decreasing coverage
Mid-range 20-25 years / 1-2 years full coverage followed by decreasing coverage
High-end 20 years to lifetime / 1-2 years full coverage followed by decreasing coverage


An adjustable bed is usually operated by a hand-held controller. Higher-end models often have a wireless and backlit remote control, while lesser models often have a wired, non-backlit control.
Low-end wired
Mid-range wired or wireless, perhaps back lit
High-end wireless and back lit


Higher-end models are more likely than lesser models to have various automatic position adjustments such as a preset zero gravity position and a one-touch flat button. Keep in mind that these positions can be achieved on low-end models non-automatically.
Low-end no presets to zero gravity position and one-touch flat button
Mid-range usually zero gravity position and one-touch flat button
High-end zero gravity position, one-touch flat button and possibly programmable memory positions, other presets are possible.


Many adjustable beds come with a built-in massage feature. Higher-end models often offer more advanced massage capabilities.
Low-end no
Mid-range yes, possibly with timer
High-end yes, often with advanced features such as multiple modes and zones


Higher-end models often provide a somewhat greater adjustability than lesser models. In addition, some low-end beds provide only head elevation (and no foot elevation).
Low-end head only or head and foot / 45-60 degrees head & 40-45 degrees foot
Mid-range head and foot / usually 58 degrees head & 44 degrees foot
High-end head and foot / usually 60-70 degrees head & 44-55 degrees foot

Wall Hugging Feature

Adjustable beds with a wall hugging feature lift the person on the bed up while gliding them back. This allows the person to stay in place next to their night stand.
Wall Hugging Feature Included
Low-end no
Mid-range usually
High-end yes

Weight / Lift Capacity

Maximum weight capacity is often somewhat greater for mid-range and high-end beds.
Lift Weight Capacity
Low-end 375-600 lbs
Mid-range 500-700 lbs
High-end 600-700 lbs

Lower-Priced Models and Features

Leggett & Pratt offers nine different adjustable bed models. The lowest priced models, like the ShipShape, Bronze, and C (Comfort) series range in price from $700 to $2000 based on the size of the bed. These popular models come with wired remotes, no presets, and limited warranties. They can hold between 425 and 700 pounds safely, depending on the model. In comparison, the other brands, like Tempur Pedic, Sealy, Sleep Number, and Simmons do not have any models priced under $1000. Their basic models also have similar features, like the weight limit and limited warranties, but they often come with wireless remotes and a few presets.

Premium Models and Features

Even the premium models made by Leggett & Pratt are reasonably priced and they include the same features as the models by other manufacturers. The (P-Series) Premier Leggett & Pratt model is priced between $2300 and $5000. This high-end model can hold up to 700 pounds and comes with multiple presets, massage capabilities, and a wireless touchscreen tablet remote. The similar models from other brands do not have as many presets and many of them have lighter weight limits.

Mid-Range Models and Features

The mid-range models from Leggett & Pratt also beat the other brands when it comes to price and features. The (D-Series) Designer model ranges in price from $1400 to $3400 depending on the size. It includes several presets, a 700-pound weight limit, a massage feature, and a wireless remote. The mid-range beds from Sealy, Simmons, Tempur Pedic, and other brands start at prices closer to $2000. They do usually come with shorter term warranties and not as many presets.

Happy Owners of Adjustable Beds

Interestingly, owners of adjustable beds had good things to say about their beds. Those who purchased low-end models were slightly happier than the people who purchased mid-range or high-end models. Their happiness came from that fact that nearly one-fourth of adjustable bed owners recognized health benefits. Some of those benefits include relief from arthritis, snoring, leg cramps, and back pain. They also enjoyed the fact that they could sit up to breast feed, read, or relax while watching television. Some users also appreciated that they could get in and out of bed with ease when the bed was in the upright position.

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